5 Tech Predictions for 2020

  • Crypto Wars 3.0. Once facebook implements end to end encryption by default into it's products the government will shit a brick and the war will start. 
  •  Microinvesting will be huge. Starting in 2019 with cashapp and robinhood following suite, being able to invest in stocks for a dollar for a microshare as appose to full shares has really jump started investing with young people and i think the trend will continue with bigger companies like e*trade. 

  • Cybersec and Infosec continues to grow and become more and more diverse.

  •  Election Security will be a hot button and could possibly start a civil war.

  •  4K video finally becomes mainstream and passes up 1080p. With the ability to purchase a 4k hdr TV for under 200 bucks as of 2019 this is a no brainer. 


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