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5 Tech Predictions for 2020

Crypto Wars 3.0. Once facebook implements end to end encryption by default into it's products the government will shit a brick and the war will start.     Microinvesting will be huge. Starting in 2019 with cashapp and robinhood following suite, being able to invest in stocks for a dollar for a microshare as appose to full shares has really jump started investing with young people and i think the trend will continue with bigger companies like e*trade.  Cybersec and Infosec continues to grow and become more and more diverse.   Election Security will be a hot button and could possibly start a civil war.   4K video finally becomes mainstream and passes up 1080p. With the ability to purchase a 4k hdr TV for under 200 bucks as of 2019 this is a no brainer. 

Goodbye 2019 and 2010's and hello 2020 and 2020's

Instead of reflecting on how much of a shit show this decade was I'm just going to post a few of my goals for the next decade coming.  Invest Invest Invest Finally finish my certs and higher education Save $3000 Drink more water Eat more healthy Learn another language  Learn another programming language Let go of toxic people in my life Blog more Podcast More Travel  Get my first passport Build a computer Build a network Have more fun

My TOP Spotify Songs of 2019

Pizza Hut in the 80s and 90s

When I see memes like this they trigger all the feelings I had as a child when we got to go to places like pizza hut and it was so much fun. I know we have places like dave n busters now but it's just different. I love what the future holds but the 80s and 90s will always be top dog. 

Top Messaging Apps

Always choose the most secure option. I use Signal mostly and whatsapp for work. 

Us non-spoiler movie Review (Audio Only)

Just got out of the theater from seeing Us and boy there is a lot to unpack. This is a non-spoiler review so I'm just giving my feelings and emotions about the movie and not anything specific. Make sure y'all go see it.

My Public PGP Key

If you need to email me and you want it to be safe and secure sign it with my public key. My email address is -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- mQINBFyJ8X8BEACtNWt7Ib+b3v4WEw4WE4C/gK/2pxhuCZCp/vNcl4OenNReOus9 MsOc1F4cEQjmae5xiLQf87jzg/qSU3nWW/uJiDaYwbRZPNVv4AmZDsU9zvPIkmkI 1T/i1f035905uASsP9aC4VOUecyOzN9UjdpOdKN4c0OOuA9FWZ4h4VGOa/tnm1ST iYJApRTJbxelXCJxLBHjkmZilPRpg3g1adHm8/gF4PNQAFGcWsHtO3qx1FBcKyzf nRhLKCe0/tSiinZTf4PQ8IyTVpbsnpIRqUqyVoiwZs3Ahp0MZ10XWGLxh67/q+PL dc1WJCefttUkSBSyEA+D7ux6MGhujohxEbmSKK8kDPyYxhLSR6KrKwSlQe9KCiFr HvgdTRtClXltg8/GkMgJ/+evbK8HvkjTuX8Qm8ZmLAAGRzR4PITp2nLOlY4mLgAV AOj3mtgwZdzBK/oReg+c77fsdfg2bjTxq2xpc7rJ+iY6wPAXW7884Vf76InWjhQ+ Q6k+7CH/VlqaYYNhwpLOkuEu1VT7+vjHlVMGQwHP5RinbXe+7q0j1JXKKE+fvgq3 lz7XFPAmdkBnX66xbYBvU3YMaILNefwsnI7k3/5IrnMym/9JA2+A6yQz0q5xqiKC J91odM8lGJpU8vSWUM9yin5KzkH266/rOuZXYytpBKeIaS/mPM2CKZoWqQARAQAB tB5ab2QgTWFndXMgPHpvZG1hZ3VzQGdtYWlsLmNvbT6JAlQEEwEIAD4WIQQSk/oK qB2LLppeluof4/nopcsxfQUCXInxfwIbAwUJ

Night Sight

This picture was taken tonight @ 12:15 am with literally only the moon for light. Google's night sight feature is so far beyond anything being done with hardware. If they actually came out with a pixel dslr camera it would sell out.

The Family

Me, My Wife, and My Kids

The good ole days

I really miss days like this back in the 80s and 90s. Good times